Calpis is a deliciously unique and refreshing drink that tastes a bit like Yakult or other yoghurt based drinks. It is made by lactic acid fermentation which means it is a fantastic health drink and great for kids to help build a healthy immune system. This extra value bottle of Calpis is concentrated with approx. 42 servings. Refrigerate after opening.

Calpico concentrated 1.5L

  • How To Use

    With concentrate it’s easy to adjust the flavour to your own personal tastes.
    • To enjoy with water or another favourite drink, mix 1 part Calpis with 4 parts water. 
    • To enjoy with milk, mix 1 part Calpis to 6 parts milk.
    • You can also enjoy Calpis warmed with hot water, a nice treat on cold days!


    Granulated Sugar, Skimmed Milk (Treated with Lactic Acid Culture), Water, Flavourings, Citric Acid.