Gochujang is a red chile paste that also contains glutinous rice, fermented soybeans, salt, and sometimes sweeteners. It's a thick, sticky condiment that's spicy and very concentrated and pungent in flavor. Heat levels can vary between brands, so check the packaging to see if it's labeled with any kind of spice-level indicator.How to Use GochujangThink of gochujang as similar to miso paste — a little goes a long way, but it's also very versatile. Gochujang can be used in marinades for meat dishes like Korean bulgogi, stirred into dipping sauces, or used to punch up stews or soups.The thick texture of gochujang means that it is a bit difficult to use straight up, so it is usually thinned out with a liquid of some sort. Also remember that if the gochujang contains sugar, searing or grilling meats marinated with it have a tendency to burn easily.

Gochujan hot peper paste

  • orn syrup, Rice, Water, Red pepper mixed seasoning (Red pepper powder, Salt, Garlic, Onion), Red pepper powder, Salt, Isomaltooligosaccharide, Fermented soybean paste (Soybean, Salt, Seed Malt), Spirits, Contains 2% or less of yeast powder, Glutinous rice, Seed malt. CONTAINS SOYBEAN.