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Just like soy sauce, miso has long been produced in locations throughout Japan, so there are various types that match with the preferences of a given area and are made via different raw material combinations and brewing methods. This instant miso soup packet is so convenient! 8 authentic Japanese miso soup packets per Package. Contains fresh miso paste Quick and Easy. Contains Authentic Miso Paste and Baby Clams. Non-GMO soybeans, No saturated fat, no cholesterol.


Αυτή η στιγμιαία συσκευασία σούπας miso είναι τόσο βολική! 8 αυθεντικά μικρά πακέτα ιαπωνικής σούπας miso. Περιέχει αυθεντική πάστα Miso και πεντανόστιμα μύδια. Σόγια χωρίς ΓΤΟ, Χωρίς κορεσμένα λιπαρά, χωρίς χοληστερόλη.





Instant miso soup Shijimi 8p

3,50 €Price
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