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Craving for a salty, spicy snack? Try Kameda Kakinotane Snack Rice Crackers with Roasted Peanuts!The crunchy seed-shaped rice crackers resemble the color of the persimmon fruit from which its name derives, "kaki" in Japanese. Each bag contains 6 smaller bags suitable to share.Combined with the savory peanuts, it's one of the best finger foods that go great with beer too!100% Authentic Made in Japan.


Αυτά τα αλμυρά και καυτερά κράκερς ρυζιού με καβουρδισμένα φυστίκια είναι ότι θα ζητουσε κανείς σε σνακ.  

Kakinotane Kameda fresh pack亀田製菓柿の種フレッシュパック

2,00 €Price
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