Six individual bags of spicy rice crackers mixed with peanuts. The crunchy rice crackers are a perfect match with the peanuts creating a delicious snack,

n spicy and tangy, and spicy and crisp. The perfect balance has attention with a peanuts and Kakinotane senbei is the irresistible product! It is a variety of big success of 6 packs of persimmon seeds at the scene to snacks to snack.

Ingredients: peanuts (peanut, including a vegetable oil (soybean), salt), the Rice(domestic), starch, (including wheat, soybeans) soy sauce, sugar, dried bonito extract, hydrolyzed protein (eggs, wheat, soy, chicken - including a pig), salt, seaweed extract, modified starch, seasoning (such as amino acids), sorbitol, paprika dye, caramel color, spice extracts, emulsifiers

Kakinotane rice crackers Kameda