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Moderate flavour with depth. The finish is clean and soft. The award-winning Kappa no Sasoi-mizu is the flagship shochu of Kyoya Distillery, is said to be founded in 1834, the fifth year of the Tempo era. It is a fine blend of shochu made by partially using Miyazaki Beni Kotobuki sweet potato, cultivated by Agri Company Ltd. -the affiliate agricultural company- using naturally produced compost without pesticide and shochu brewed in traditional method with large ceramic pot.The finished shochu is mild yet carries depth and a good structure, is highly versatile and goes with any kind of food.


Απαλό και ήπιο σάκε με βάθος που ταιριάζει με κάθε είδους φαγητό. Εκλεκτό μείγμα shochu που παρασκευάζεται με μερική χρήση γλυκοπατάτας Miyazaki Beni Kotobuki, που καλλιεργείται από την Agri Company Ltd. χρησιμοποιώντας φυσικά παραγόμενο κομπόστ χωρίς φυτοφάρμακα.

Kappa no Sasoi mizu Shochu 750ml河童の誘い水

SKU: 084391071306
35,00 €Price
  • Miyazaki Benikotobuki sweet potato, rice koji (white)

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