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Experience the authentic taste of Japan with Homare Koshihikari Rice. This 1kg bulk package (The package has 10kg (for 65.00 Euro) but we can sell it as 1kg pack.)is perfect for stocking up on this premium quality rice, known for its fragrant aroma, plump and tender grains, and mild, sweet flavor. Grown in the fertile soil of Niigata, a region renowned for producing the finest rice in Japan, Homare Koshihikari Rice is an essential staple in Japanese cuisine. Whether you're making sushi, onigiri, or a simple bowl of rice to accompany your meal, this high-quality rice will elevate your dining experience. Bring the taste of Japan to your kitchen with Homare Koshihikari Rice.

Homare Koshihikari Rice1kg (bulk)

6,50 €Price
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