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Experience the indulgent and flavorful Matcha latte from Tsujiri, made with the finest Uji Matcha harvested in Kyoto Prefecture. This Matcha latte is made using traditional grinding techniques to enhance the flavor and aroma of Matcha, resulting in a rich and authentic taste. The Tsujiri Matcha Milk Koicha is a perfect blend of creamy milk and strong Matcha, which perfectly balances the bitterness and sweetness. This matcha latte is perfect for those who want to indulge in the true taste of Japanese tea culture and enjoy a refreshing and energizing drink. Savor the passion and aspiration for tea from Tsujiri's founder, Tsuyoshiemon, with every sip of this delicious Matcha latte.

Matcha latte strong Tsujiri 辻利抹茶ミルクお濃茶仕上げ

8,00 €Price
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