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One of the rare strong type of spice in Japan,Neri Karashi is one of the most popular condiments too.

 This product is a tube-style ready-to-eat karashi. S&B Hon-nama series is the producer's mainline brand famous for its focus on the real taste of the ingredients. This is a prepared colorant-free karashi paste deliberately blended Japanese and Western mustards. This enhances umami and offers rich aroma and faint bitterness accompanied by a smooth texture.


Έτοιμη πάστα χωρίς χρωστικές που αναμειγνύει σκόπιμα την ιαπωνική και την δυτική μουστάρδα. Αυτό ενισχύει το umami και προσφέρει πλούσιο άρωμα και ελαφριά πικράδα που συνοδεύονται από απαλή υφή.

S&B Hon Karashi Mustard Tube 43g S&B練りからし

SKU: 4901740151532
3,20 €Price
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