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The day that falls on the 88th day counting from the beginning of spring is called "88 nights".
The tea picked on this day is considered to be of good quality, and it
is said that drinking it will lead to a long life.Tea leaves grown in a special tea plantation are picked early in the morning and finished the next day.
Fukamushicha, which is finished with careful work, has nightexceptional sweetness and depth.
Please enjoy the genuine 88 nights new tea that comes true because it is a dedicated farmer.


Το Fukamushicha, το οποίο έχει διαλεχθει με προσεκτική δουλειά, έχει εξαιρετική γλυκύτητα και βάθος. Το τσάι μαζεύεται την 88η μέρα μετρώντας από την αρχή της άνοιξης, θεωρείται καλής ποιότητας και πιστεύεται ότι η κατανάλωση του θα οδηγήσει σε μεγάλη διάρκεια ζωής.

Shizuoka Shincha (Shizuoka New crop tea 2024) Green tea 50g

SKU: 4902780042552
15,00 €Price
  •  Quality: High/ Taste: Light-Med/ Colour: Med/ Organic: Yes/ Region: Yame, Fukuoka/ Ideal Water Temp: 80℃

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