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Most popular taro picles. They are a well-known dish made by pickling taro on a bed of salted rice bran.It is said that at the beginning of the Edo period (in the 17th century), most people began to eat white rice, and as a by-product, the use of rice bran became widespread. Today, pickled taro is a healthy food that is getting a lot of attention not only in Japan, but in countries all around the world.


Tουρσί taro. Σήμερα, τo τουρσί taro είναι μια υγιεινή τροφή που τραβάει πολύ την προσοχή όχι μόνο στην Ιαπωνία, αλλά και σε χώρες σε όλο τον κόσμο.

Takuan Taro Tokai 400g Shinshin 東海漬物たくあん太郎

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