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Since they are made in Momoya, the original flavor of the umeboshi is preserved and the saltiness and sourness are removed. It is now a paste plum. The process of mixing kombu, dried bonito flakes and shiso leaves is also done by hand, and it is finished with a minimum of heating, so it can be used as an umeboshi. The flavors of kombu, bonito flakes and shiso are very much alive.
Many pickled plums are soaked in high salt and then desalted in water, which is a very efficient way to produce plums.


Δεδομένου ότι παρασκευάζονται στην Momoya, η αρχική γεύση του umeboshi διατηρείται και η αλμυρή και η ξινή γεύση του αφαιρούνται. Ετσι γίνεται πλέον μια πάστα δαμάσκηνο. Η διαδικασία ανάμειξης kombu, αποξηραμένων νιφάδων παλαμίδας και φύλλων shiso γίνεται επίσης με το χέρι και ολοκληρώνεται με ελάχιστη θέρμανση.

Umegonomi momoya

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