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Mishima furikake was founded in 1949 in Hiroshima city, since then Mishima is the leading manufacture of furikake in Japan. Yukari is Mishima’s best selling furikake. It has a utterly delicious and have a subtle sour and salty plum flavour.Red shiso, also known as red perilla, is the Japanese basil often used in the pickled Ume plums “Umeboshi (梅干し)“. The main ingredients of the Yukari furikake are dry mini flakes made from herby, red shiso leaves, and blended with salt, sugar, oligosaccharide, malic acid, and amino acids. Shiso has a spicy, tangy flavor, but also the freshness of citrus. This rice topping lends itself perfectly to, for example, inside-out sushi.  


Το Mishima Yukari Shiso Rice Seasoning είναι ένα μείγμα που βασίζεται σε κόκκινα φύλλα shiso που έχουν αποξηρανθεί, κονιοποιηθεί και αναμειχθεί με αλάτι.Ένα ευέλικτο και γευστικό παραδοσιακό ιαπωνικό καρύκευμα για πασπαλίσετε σε ρύζι, ζυμαρικά και σαλάτες.

Yukari shiso furikake 26g 三島食品 ゆかり

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