Salmon & cream cheese lettuce roll

maki sushi.jpg

2 bowls full or less

For the sushi rice:

Sushi rice, sushisu rice vinegar

1 whole sheet Nori seaweed

1 Salmon

1 Cream cheese (optional)

1 Cucumber

1 Leafy lettuce +


1 Slice the salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber into thin strips. I used this for the cream cheese.

2 Cut off into 2 pieces Nori.

3 Spread sushi rice on of the nori sheet, leaving about 2 cm uncovered on your far-side.

4 Top with leafy lettuce, cucumber, cream cheese, and salmon.

5 With your fingers, moisten all uncovered area of nori sheet (works like glue).

6 Roll the sushi and seal. Easier to slice if you rest it for a while.

Special 特集
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